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I grew up in a small town with chickens and clay, my mom is a ceramic artist and painter. A bit of a therapist in school and loner I would spend my extra time in my mom’s studio.

When I was struggling in whatever crafty thing I was up to my mom would say  "there are no mistakes in art", a theme that translates far throughout my adult life. It took 10 years and a few different pivots from fashion to blogging, marketing to consulting to circle back to art in a way that felt like my life’s purpose but here I 'am on a mission to close the gender gap disparity by helping artists succeed in their business

Hey there!

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If you’ve taken a look throughout my website you know that I'm a HUGE advocate for female artists because of the disparity and lack of equality in the art industry. When I thought about the company I was creating to support female artists I also thought about the communities I wanted to support, one close to my heart is children because I was a single mom to twins at 21. When kids find art a whole new door opens, whether they become passionate artists or use art as therapy, that’s why we support charities through donations

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Business Consultant


We exists to provide business marketing education, exhibition space, exposure, and a thriving community for female artists to succeed in creating a profitable business while connecting collectors to work by female artists through our popups, digital gallery and consulting services


The leading platform to connect conscious collectors to female creators while being the leading resource for female artists to create a profitable art business


A Diverse Community is our standing foundation, striving for Equality is the beat in our mission


Artist Pay Transparency

We take less so she can earn more. That's right generally the split is 50/50, in our popup gallery settings where there is more "overhead" we take 40% the artist's take home is 60%


Artists on our digital gallery we take even less, it's like we're their agent taking home 20% while they take home 80% 

We hope to set the standard in pay transparency and in the art industry, join us on our mission to close the gap by purchasing work or hiring us

Clay Artist

I have twin girls - who are almost 13!

insert mom freaking out emoji

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I proposed to my gf of 2 years in Feb - her name's Laura

she's an artist and part of why I created this community





About Me

my mom's a ceramic artist & painter - she's also why I started this



but we're from Texas



we live in Denver



we just bought land where Laura grew up - a wild pig adopted us, her name's Figs



I'm big on transparency - learn more about my core values + beliefs  so you can decide if you want to join to grow + support others