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Location: 1855 Blake St Suite 170 in the Dairy Block 

Open Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11-7pm Sundays 12-5pm


Fine Artist Painter 

Each painting I chose coffee burlap to represent the vulnerability I felt during my journey through sobriety. The negative space in each piece allows for clarity and quietness while the gold symbolizes the self discoveries that come in these moments. I intentionally let the material shine through the layers of paint to stay true to the raw texture of the fibers. When you peel back the layers, you find beauty you never knew existed.

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Fine Artist 

I translate my energy piece by piece so that each work can have its own effect on my viewers. Translating my knowledge as a reiki master is absolutely fundamental for me. Im passionate about the power of colors, I am fascinated by the impact a piece will have after leaving the studio. Intention behind the creation, respects the principles of reiki,

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