Amy Fuying 


Art has always been an integral part of Amy’s life. There have been times where it’s faded in the background, but it always seems to come to the forefront again when she needs it the most. Like most artists, she cannot remember when she started doing art, but her love for it has grown over the years.


She studied visual arts in college and after working in marketing for a couple of years, she decided to go full force into creating pieces of her own. Inspired by other artists, she found the value of art and how it can positively connect people from all around the world.


Amy specializes in large scale acrylic paintings that incorporate gold leaf. Combining realism with abstract ideas, she hopes that her work makes the viewer feel something and want to take action based off that feeling.


She believes that art captures things you cannot say with words. Although sometimes this can be painful, there is a positive effect since other people can relate to it.