Anat Ronen


I'am a Houston based self-taught artist. I became a professional artist in my late 30s following a decision we made as a family to emigrate from Israel to the USA and try to change our lives. Change we did! now, 11 years after becoming a full time artist as a way to stay in this country, I created hundreds of pieces all over the US and beyond and most importantly, discovered my true calling.

I paint on walls, floors, panels, canvases – practically anything. My preferred medium is house paint and brushes. My work is found throughout the greater Houston, Texas area, including public spaces like interstate highways, bridges, buildings, churches, and schools. Additionally, my work is displayed in museums and select shows nationwide and all the way to India, China and Australia.

In addition to my mural work, I participate in international street painting and street art festivals nationwide and around the world. I am a multi-disciplinary artist and I love to share my gift with the world.

My murals are painted using latex or acrylic and brushes. On the ground it's chalk and / or tempera. I also dub in other media from time to time.
I speak fluent English, Hebrew and Spanish.


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