Hannah Anderson


My dad is an artist and architect and has always had an affinity for music so growing up these things were always apart of life. I was homeschooled with my four siblings and my mom made art and craft supplies accessible at all times. We were very hands on with every thing we learned. This was huge for me and i feel is the reason I must create and be very tactile in my life and art.


While I’ve been painting since I was a child it wasn’t until the last year, during the pandemic, that I started to really dive into painting. It’s become an incredible outlet for me. I’m a songwriter and musician and in the process of creating a final song I have a lot of people who help me and contribute to what I’m doing, wether it’s through production, playing instruments for me, giving me constructive criticism, etc


I rarely have a final product that I’ve been the sole creator on. I don’t mind this process at all, but it’s a completely different thing to painting because I am the sole creator. I can finish a project from start to finish without anyone else and it’s a feeling of being fully self reliant. The process makes me feel so at ease and takes me out of my own head.

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