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social media is confusing and time sucking

that's why I created a new type of agency

so you can get back to creating art & building a business

while we connect you to your ideal collector

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Chief Marketing Officer 

here to take the stress out of social media and the enjoyment back into connecting your art with collectors, subscribe & receive our free IG Checklist


HER Media is an agency designed to support femxle artists by creating thoughtfully crafted, on-trend social media campaigns to raise awareness of your work, grow your audience and broaden your collector base

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We take our clients through a 4-step process so we can tell your story in the best way possible


The path to that story is different for every client, but with HER MEDIA agency as your guide it won’t be long until we understand the why behind your brand, this is the secret to connecting your story to your ideal collectors

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What you get

Client Receives 

Custom Brand Playbook

Custom Social Media Template Package

Profile Optimization

Content Optimization

Hashtag Optimization

Hashtag Bank

5 Posts Per Week Per Platform

Weekly Engagement

Community Management

Audience Insights

Email Support

Monthly Check-In

Included Ad Budget*



Are you looking for long-term or short-term support?

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Strategy Meeting

We take our artists through a 4-step process so we can tell your story in the best way possible. Together, we will build the emotional entryway that allows collectors to connect with your art



This is where you start to see your social media come to life

You will get to weeks of content at a time to review and approve, along with exclusive access to insights and tools to teach you how to maximize your online presence-tailored to you