Kristen Abbott


Kristen Abbott is an intuitive, mixed media painter living in Boulder, CO. She is known for her use of texture and layering to create history and a sense of story in her work.


She enjoys making marks with unconventional tools such as brooms, scrapers, and kitchen utensils. Her process is visceral, guided by emotion as well as a naturally perceptive eye for composition and design. Because our lives are loud, Kristen wants her work to feel like a small pause. A deep breath. Not one more thing adding to the noise, but a reminder to slow and notice the depth and interest in quiet moments. Beauty may very well be dazzling. But it also can be still and small—just a hint at what is to come.


Kristen’s work can be found in both private and corporate collections across the US (as well as private collections in Italy and England). She was recently awarded a Denis Diderot Grant and will be traveling to France as an Artist-in-Residence in the coming year.

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