Painting, Prints


Leslie Gaworecki is a photographer turned abstract artist based in Houston, Texas. After moving often and living abroad for much of her youth, she received a BFA in photography from The Ohio State University and found her way back to Texas. Leslie spent the next decade photographing people and events internationally and teaching herself to paint. In 2016 she began showing paintings in her Houston studio and in exhibitions within the city. Mostly acrylic with some mixed media, Leslie’s painting is a practice driven by color and the surprises that happen when she releases expectation. Leslie lives with her husband and four sons who inspire her mark-making and her tendency toward whimsy.


Leslie Gaworecki’s work explores longing for place - places from the past, places called home, unseen places of the future. Unplanned and abstracted, these paintings hold memories and fantasies. They are emotional landscapes of the imagination in a personal search for belonging and “home”.