Get INSIDE HER STUDIO  in-depth expert advice from successful female artists- female curators and brands looking to hire female artists

Have you ever wondered how she’s doing it all? 

You know the artist on instagram, the artist selling seemingly non stop in the studio next to you, the artist in the museum you just went to - how did she get on the walls, the full time artist - full time mom?  How are they selling, how are they marketing, how are they getting partnerships with cities and brands but most of all, how is she balancing it all without loosing her sh*t? 


I pondered these same questions when I took my experience as a CMO and started marketing for my mom and fiance’s art biz, then I got these same questions from other female artists so I turned it into a podcast and monthly membership


The goal? To help female artist’s learn the skills they need to be successful not just in business but in life while ending the gender gap disparity through opportunities. 

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not just a podcast

Hate that feeling when you hear an awesome podcast but then think what's next? Don't know how to take what you learned and put it into steps for your business?

get actionable worksheets + clear steps on what to do next in your art biz

led by the best  female experts, become

a member for full access, not just a podcast but a community

in-depth expert advice from successful female artists

female curators and brands looking to hire female artists.

we can't wait to launch - thank you for joining us


BE a guest

Your voice, perspective, trials, triumphs every part of it is valuable, is worth sharing and when you share you teach and when you teach we grow, we all elevate and a world where female artists voice rise, we win.